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A T Level is a two-year qualification that offers a work-based, technical alternative to A Levels, giving you a new option after GCSEs.

They are designed to give you a head start towards the career you want, with 80 per cent of the course being classroom-based and the other 20 per cent ‘on-the-job’.

Those who complete a T Level can then either start a higher apprenticeship, go onto university or go straight into employment with the skills they’ve learnt in the workplace.

Business & Administration

What are T Levels?

These are a two-year high-level qualification giving you a new option after GCSEs, and they are designed to give you a head start towards the career you want.

The T in T Levels stands for Technical: this is because they launch a new system of technical education that ranks alongside the traditional academic options for learners aged 16-19. 

T Levels are an ideal way to combine the benefits of both practical and theory-based learning. Over the course, students get a mix of 80 per cent classroom-based learning and 20 per cent on the job experience in the workplace.

T Levels have been developed in close collaboration with employers and businesses to ensure their content meets industry needs and prepares students better for the world of work. 

This means you can be confident that your T Level qualification will move you onto the nexT Level.

Why do T Levels with us?

Oldham College has been selected to deliver T Levels because of our proven track record in technical education. We are uniquely well-placed to deliver them in our borough because we have: 

Strong links with hundreds of local, regional and national regional employers 

Teaching staff with extensive technical and professional expertise 

State-of-the-art specialist facilities, like our £9m Construction Centre.

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