Student Union

When students enrol at college they automatically become a member of the Student Union. They make a real difference to life as a student. Students can stand for election as an Officer in the College’s Student Union Executive to make sure that their views are heard.

The Student Union President and Vice President also sit on our Governing body as Student Governors.

Student Union

Student Voice

All students have a voice through the Student Representative Forum. Each course has a Student Representative who can put forward any concerns or ideas they have.

Student Representatives will benefit from training as well as many other opportunities. Previous students have met the Leader of Oldham Council, Oldham’s Mayor and Youth Mayor and visited the Houses of Parliament in London to meet local MPs.

Becoming a Student Representative helps to:

  • Develop confidence
  • Build self-esteem
  • Improve communication skills
  • Enhance CV’s

For more information on how to get involved visit the Student Quarter or email us at

TOTUM Discount Card

Totum Student Discount

As Oldham College is a member of the National Union of Students, students have the opportunity to purchase a student discount TOTUM Card.

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