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Are you a business owner considering taking on an apprentice, but yet to take the plunge? Are you concerned about the responsibility of providing training, ensuring workplace integration, or monitoring performance? Are you unsure about funding options, insurance contributions or training time entitlements?

Oldham College is experienced in building long-term relationships with employers. We understand the administrative, logistical and developmental challenges that offering apprenticeships sometimes pose. We work alongside employers to ensure apprenticeships that are mutually beneficial for apprentice and employer.

Hiring apprentices is an effective way for businesses to nurture talent and develop a motivated, skilled and qualified workforce. Employers with apprentices report increased productivity, greater employee satisfaction, reduced staff turnover, lower recruitment costs, increased long-term security and more.

For large employers, we provide ongoing and high-quality guidance on the Apprenticeship Levy. Our service includes advice on how best to allocate funding to maximise both the personal development of the apprentice, as well as the results output for the business.

Construction Employers- Have you heard about our new flexi-job apprenticeships?

Construction apprentices will now be able to work for up to three different companies over 12 months on short-term projects using new flexi-job apprenticeships. Find out more about flexi-job construction apprenticeships.

Did you know?

of employers are hiring more apprentices to help them through the economic climate.
of employers who employ apprentices believe apprenticeships lead to a more motivated and satisfied workforce.
businesses believe that apprenticeships lead to lower overall training costs.