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Youth Mayor engages learners on mental health advocacy

The Youth Mayor visited campus earlier this week to deliver an inspiring talk about her role and Oldham Youth Council’s advocacy for young people’s mental health.

Charlotte Clasby serves as a representative for the boroughs youth in this official capacity – bringing their voices to the forefront of key discussions.

She has been a Youth Council member since 2018 before being chosen for this one-year civic role last July following her impressive work on several initiatives including knife crime awareness and sustainability.

Addressing a packed audience, Charlotte explained the responsibilities of her role and stressed the importance of youth participation in local governance.

A focal point of her talk encouraged our learners to think critically about how local services can better support the range of mental health initiatives that will directly benefit young people in our community.

Charlotte highlighted significant local campaigns such as “I Love Me” and “Standard Day” which are aimed at boosting self-esteem, and urged all students to actively participate in efforts to promote positive mental well-being.

Charlotte also sought learners feedback on future initiatives – and a particularly engaging part of her talk involved debunking myths around mental health by putting learners through an interactive true or false session which got them to challenge common misconceptions.

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