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Oldham College and the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce are excited to launch new flexi-job apprenticeships to help local construction businesses to ‘build back better’.

Apprentices will now be able to work for up to three different companies on short-term contracts using new flexi-job apprenticeships, with their employers receiving full support and guidance from Oldham College.

This enables learners to get the experience they need on a range of different projects and businesses, without the need for employers to provide the usual 12-month contract.

Here’s how it works.

You might be a small construction business with a carpentry and joinery project which would suit an apprentice, but you know would end after four months. In the past, this would mean you could not take on an apprentice for this short time period.

However, under the new flexi-job apprenticeships, a learner could complete your four-month project and then get the additional experience they need elsewhere to complete their 12-month minimum duration.

This new approach removes the barriers holding back businesses and apprentices in a sector area with short-term employment models and flexible employment patterns.

Your business can get all the traditional benefits of having an apprentice with the flexibility that suits your needs – and you help a bright young talent to take a vital step on their career leader.

We already have a pipeline of pre-screened, ‘work ready’ and exciting candidates available to participate in flexi-job apprenticeships – all that is needed now is your support.

We will help facilitate partnerships between employers and deal with all the necessary paperwork to make this work for your business and the learners.

Want to know more? Please get in contact with Karen Northend, Business Advisor at Oldham College (07710092607 ) or Diane Elebert-Morgan, Property & Construction Group Manager at GM Chamber of Commerce (07740196476).

You can also find out more about taking on an apprentice and the employer incentives available for offering apprenticeships and T Level placements.

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