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THIS IS Kiera Mitchell – the brave Oldham College student who is currently undergoing hospital treatment for a cancerous brain tumour.

The 19-year-old is a Level 3 Media Make-up learner from Failsworth in the final year of her study under Programme Tutor, Elaine Morgan.

In April, Kiera (pictured, left) began complaining of suffering from a severe migraine and a loss of sight. 

Initially she went to her local A&E for assistance – but she was then rushed under blue lights to the specialist neuro-oncology team at Salford Royal Hospital. 

Kiera was assessed and underwent tests which led to a marathon 15-hour operation to remove a tumour on her brain stem.

Road to Recovery

THE TUMOUR was said to be ‘the size of an orange’ and analysis subsequently found it was caused by a rare form of childhood cancer known as Medulloblastoma.

Although doctors are positive that they removed it all, Kiera is now set to undergo radiation therapy treatment at The Christie Hospital.

The next stage of her fight is to undergo six weeks of that treatment – five times a week – followed by chemotherapy.

The operation has affected Kiera’s mobility, facial muscles and speech. She has also been unable to have any visitors throughout this time.

Hospital Isolation

ISOLATION for a young person with cancer – especially during a pandemic – means they must be kept in a hospital room away from everyone because they are so vulnerable to becoming infected when their immune systems are weakened. 

Kiera is now beginning intensive physiotherapy to help her to walk and talk again – but a date for her to return to her family home remains unknown.

Her devoted aunt and uncle, Julie and Wayne, recently set up a GoFundMe page to help raise donations towards their niece’s recovery and asked us to share Keira’s story with Oldham College staff and students.

They say: “Throughout all of this Kiera has tackled every hurdle and diagnosis with such courage and dignity, which has only confirmed what we already knew: that Kiera is Amazing!!!❤”

“Please help to support Kiera at this very difficult time and for her future needs. Any donations will be very much appreciated.”“Thoughtful and Caring”

ELAINE Morgan, Keira’s Programme Tutor, said: “Kiera has been with us in the Hair and Beauty department for three years, in which time we’ve seen her grow in confidence, skills, friendships and self-belief.

“Kiera is well liked by staff and class mates alike, and is thoughtful and caring to others – she never fails to ask how I am, or how my weekend has been. Although quiet, she has a real cheeky side and loves a good giggle with her best friends Elle and Melissa.

“Kiera has really matured since starting with us and was looking forward to getting into full time employment after graduating this year, something which I am sure she will achieve after her recovery.

“Maria (Keira’s Mum) has said she cannot believe how strong she has been through all of this, especially as the majority of time she has been on her own in hospital due to COVID-19.

“My heart and strength are with Kiera and her family at this time – and I hope we can raise as much money to help with her recovery as possible.”PLEASE | Take a few moments to visit Kiera’s GoFundMe page here to donate towards her recovery and send her a message of support.

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