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The broad and diverse world of science offers many exciting opportunities to make a difference to society.

Scientists are needed in the public and private sectors and are employed by lots of employers including the NHS, chemical and pharmaceutical companies, universities, food and drink manufacturers,  environmental agencies, the government and charities such as Cancer Research.

Our full time science courses are ideal if you want to study at an introductory level which will provide you with the knowledge, skills and qualifications needed to progress to higher level study, university or you can go into employment in a science related job.

Our part time GCSE Biology and Chemistry courses –  day and evening classes available to fit around your schedule.

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Demand for professional level staff will increase to 10,000 a year over the next 10 years
Polymers industry is the largest sub sector, employing 31% of the total science industries workforce
The median age of a worker in the Science sector is 39.9 years old

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