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Public Services

Over 6 million people work in the public sector, home to some of the UK’s largest employers. Schools, Local Councils and Emergency Services account for a vast number of positions, as do more specialised roles such as science and research posts.

If you are looking for a career in Public Services, our full-time courses cover a range of topics relating to the work of public servants, effects of crime and role of citizenship in society. We even provide great opportunities to improve your fitness!

Our tutors have had active roles in the public sector, and are therefore able to provide a wealth of knowledge and teach the relevant skills to ensure your future success in this industry.

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Did you know...

Public service productivity has grown continually over the last 6 years
The majority of public service jobs occur in medicine, closely followed by education
As of September 2017, there were 122,000 active police officers in the UK


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