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Legal Services

Legal Services at Oldham College offers students an in-depth and dynamic introduction to the Legal Services profession.

Our courses cover an extensive range of both Legal and Business topics that ensure our students can confidently take on employment, self-employment, apprenticeships or higher education.

We impart more than just knowledge. Our courses develop key techniques, positive attitudes and invaluable personal skills such as public speaking. Assessed presentations, role plays and reports equip our students with the verbal and written skills needed to excel in this sector. Work experience enables our students to put these skills into practice from an early stage in their career.

Careers in the Legal Services include chartered legal executives, lawyers, probation officers and property managers among others. The wider business and professional awareness that Legal Services students gain,  opens a variety of doors across services, sectors and cities.

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Did you know...

There are an estimated 200,000 solicitors in the UK, and around 16,000 barristers.
Manchester is up-and-coming in the legal sector, with an increasing number of London firms opening offices in the city
The average starting salary for a law graduate is £27,000


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