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Art, Design and Fashion

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Art, Design and Fashion

With the industry progressing twice as fast as the economy as a whole, creative roles across film and TV,  fashion and design, architecture and advertising are just some examples of potential career pathways.

Oldham College offers Art and Design courses for students at all levels. Ranging from Access to Higher Education or Apprenticeships, to Foundation Degrees, our courses are designed for those passionate about a career in the creative sector at all stages of development.

Our courses are examined by the prestigious University Arts of London. Students produce authentic and professional portfolios of artwork, accompany them with written reports and the present their work to an audience of experts. We believe that by developing a broad skillset, our students can best embark on the creative career ladder.

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Creative industries could be worth £128. 4 billion to the UK economy by 2025
Creative industries could create up to one million jobs by 2030
of creative businesses traded internationally in 2016


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