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A group of learners, staff and Rubbi Bhogal-Wood

Digital & Creative Website Project Success

Earlier this month, a group of Digital & Creative students participated in a week-long website project hosted by Digital Advantage, an award-winning charity that delivers innovative work experiences to young people of all ages and abilities.

Throughout the week students worked as a team to create a website, leaning in to their individual strengths to create the end result.

The project ended with a presentation and ‘virtual tour’ of the website to other learners and staff. Staff were blown away by what the students were able to achieve in such a short space of time, stating that the website was cohesive, full of interesting stories and presented in a professional yet fun way.

Some of the students from the project talked about challenges they had to overcome. Marley, Team Leader, said, “It was a challenge as Team Leader knowing when to step in and when to not. I had to ensure I connected everyone even though we all had different views and opinions. I had to keep patient and organised.” Uwais, another member of the team, added, “We had restrictions and challenges with the editing software. Lots of us had never used it before this week, so we had to learn quick and divide the work up by people’s individual strengths.”

Rubbi Bhogal-Wood was the trainer who facilitated the session; providing students with the skills they needed to develop, tell, and showcase the stories they see as important from around the College. She said, “It has been a pleasure working with the students and seeing them flourish in a work-like environment.

“They’ve designed a new brand and a formidable website, brimming with well researched content. Together, they’ve created over 30 pieces of content including filming and editing over 10 videos. That’s an exceptional amount of content from a determined and focused team of young people. They should be proud of themselves.”

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