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Equality & Diversity

Our Policy

Oldham College is committed to delivering outstanding vocational education for everyone and to provide a learning environment that is accessible to all

The College is committed to ensuring the equality of opportunity for all who learn and work here; we respect and positively value differences in race, religion & belief, gender, sexual orientation, disability and age.

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As part of our safeguarding and health and safety strategies at Oldham College, it is our preference that face coverings are not worn on campus or in the classroom. Further guidance and support is available on request, please contact Head of Integrated Student Support on 0161 7854065 if required.

Equality and Diversity Annual Report

This report has been written to allow all of our students and partners to recognise and understand the current position of the college in relation to how our learners achieve and develop regardless of their characteristics. The report also outlines the make-up of our staff and the objectives we hold for the future of equality and diversity across the college community. The report constitutes a summary of the College’s approach to meeting the general and specific duties of the Equalities Act 2011.

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Equality and Diversity Action Plans

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