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Chanelle opened Fab HQ in 2014. She now owns two salons, has an impressive social media following and offers a suite of training courses for aspiring beauty professionals

Tell us the story of Fab HQ.

I first completed a number of beauty courses, including Beauty at Levels 2 and 3.

For three years I worked mobile, building up a client base all around Greater Manchester, before converting my garage and working from there for another three years. I opened my first salon in Heywood in 2019, and another in Royton in 2021.

I have also expanded my business into a suite of online training courses, and launched my own brand of kits.

What do apprentices bring to FAB HQ?

Apprentices bring additional hands to all staff in the salon, and it’s nice to have a younger generation in the salon atmosphere as this helps to target younger clientele.

Why did you choose to work with Oldham College?

The team at Oldham College are really helpful in providing amazing apprentices.

The relationship works well as Oldham College provides the theory, along with demos and assessments, then the apprentice gets lots of in-salon experience with us. Tutors also visit the salon to see how the apprentice is progressing.

What advice would you give to aspiring salon owners?

Create a business plan and where possible, try and build a client base before you invest. I was fortunate to have clients that I could bring into the salon from day one.

I would really recommend taking on an apprentice. Our apprentices have helped us add more availability for clients.

Being on social media has been invaluable in growing my business. Social media algorithms can be unpredictable, and working on content takes time, but it pays off. I set time aside to plan a week, or even a month, of content at a time.

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Chanelle Arianne

Chanelle Arianne
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Apprentices bring additional hands to the salon and it’s nice to have a younger generation in the salon atmosphere, as this helps target younger clientele.

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