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Award-winning ‘Apprenticeship Service’ is open now for SMEs

From January 2020, every employer in England will be able to access to all the benefits of the Education and Skills Funding Agency’s (ESFA) apprenticeship service. 

Currently, only Levy-paying employers – or those who are in receipt of a transfer of funds – can utilise the full benefits. 

From January, however, ALL employers– regardless of their size and whether or not they pay into the Levy – can access it.

The changes will be welcome news for smaller, non-Levy paying organisations.

SMEs will be empowered to engage with apprenticeships and make more informed choices around how apprenticeships can work for them.  

We know that employers understand the needs of their sector better than anyone, and this is a great opportunity to get better oversight of how apprenticeships can boost productivity and help to fill any skills gaps.

Oldham College is here to help

Our Business Advisors are here to help you in registering and reserving apprenticeship funding. 

They can help with any questions you may have around the ESFA’s apprenticeship service, or how apprenticeships can boost skills and productivity in your organisation.

By registering an account for the apprenticeship service, employers have the opportunity to:

·         Advertise an apprenticeship and choose a suitable provider to deliver their apprenticeship training;

·         Provide real-time feedback on the quality of the training provision that they receive;

·         Gain control over the amount of apprenticeship funding paid to their training provider on their behalf – giving them more intelligence to help them make the most of their Levy funds;

·         Feedback to Government with data to ensure that apprenticeships are adding value to organisations.

What to do next.

To register for an account and reserve funding for apprentices, visit the link below:-

If you’d like to find out more, get in touch with the Oldham College team today.

Telephone: 0161 785 4060/3585
Email: or

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