Apprenticeships are available across a wide variety of industries and are a great way for people to earn a wage whilst they get a qualification.

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Four reasons to choose an apprenticeship

1. You can do an apprenticeship in almost any industry

Apprenticeships aren’t just for practical industries like construction, engineering or plumbing – although they are a fantastic way to start a career in those industries. You can do an apprenticeship in almost anything – agriculture, business, IT, the arts, finance and more. Apprenticeships are also a great way to get your foot in the door of industries that may otherwise be more difficult to get into, such as television or marketing.

2. You could earn more than you might think

Apprenticeships are a great opportunity to earn while you learn, saving on the overall costs for qualifications. You will be paid for the hours that you work, plus for the hours you spend training. You even get paid holidays, just like a regular employee.

3. You could get a qualification at a level that suits you

Apprenticeships are offered at multiple levels so you can get an industry-recognised qualification to give you the career progression you need, from intermediate to degree apprenticeships.

4. Apprenticeships offer great career prospects

According to The Apprentice Learner Survey 2018-19, three-fifths of students who had completed their apprenticeship had seen a positive impact on either their pay or progression. Furthermore, 83% of apprentices believed their apprenticeship had improved their career prospects.