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Oldham College works closely and thoroughly with our apprenticeship providers to ensure that we source the right apprenticeship candidate to meet your business needs.

We have a vast and growing pool of apprentices who are keen to make a positive impact in their chosen career sector. We want the best for our students, and endeavour to secure them a placement where they can invest their passion and develop their skills. We also want the best for your business. This means that we conduct rigorous assessments, ensuring we understand your business practice and culture, to find an ideal match for your organisation’s needs.

There are criteria which employers need to meet in order to deliver apprenticeship programmes.

Employers need to:
• select and register with a training provider and agree a total price for the total cost of delivering the apprenticeship
• have a commitment statement signed by the apprentice, their employer and the provider
• have a contract for services with their main provider (if they are an employer either paying the apprenticeship levy or using the apprenticeship service, or both)
• ensure the position of the apprentice is secure for at least one year
• ensure the apprentice is paid the correct wage for their age, for the time they are in work, in both off-the-job training and further study
• log, and have approved by the training provider, regular updates on progression, average weekly hours and changes to working patterns.

This list is not exclusive and there will be further training provider and sector specific criteria for businesses looking to offer apprenticeships. Do get in touch for more information or to discuss potential opportunities as an apprenticeship provider.

16-18yr old
apprenticeships are funded by the government. Employers will only pay their salary.
of employers are hiring more apprentices to help them through the economic climate.