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Free Travel 16-18 yrs

Free Travel 16-18 yrs

What is Our Pass?

Our Pass is a UK first. It offers 16-18 year olds free bus travel on all local bus services across Greater Manchester, making it easier to access education, work, training, culture and leisure opportunities in the city-region.

Our Pass will also provide direct access to a range of opportunities for 16-18 year olds in Greater Manchester. Throughout the summer, opportunities from music to sport, competitions and taster days will be announced.

You can apply from 1 July and use Our Pass from 1 September.  



How do I apply?

Visit If you are having any problems with your application, please email or call
0300 323 0777.


What is the £10 fee for?

The £10 fee for each card covers administration costs, including the production and delivery of the card.


Are there any other fees associated with Our Pass?

There is a £10 charge for a replacement if your pass is lost, stolen or damaged.


Who is eligible for Our Pass?

You must be a Greater Manchester resident, and aged at least 16 and under 18 on Saturday 31 August 2020.

If you’re not sure if you live in Greater Manchester, you can check on the Government’s find your local council page

You can continue to use your igo card until you become eligible for Our Pass. igo cards expire on the 31 August after your 16th birthday.


What documentation do I need to provide to prove my age and residency?

In order to apply you will need a passport style photo, proof of your date of birth and proof of residency in Greater Manchester.

Proof of your age can be a copy of your passport, driving licence, birth or adoption certificate, NHS medical card, biometric residence permit, Validate UK ID card, EU/ EEA ID card or HM forces ID card.

Proof of your address can be one of the following issued in the last three months: a recent letter or statement from your bank or building society; utility bill; mobile phone bill; or a letter from HMRC or government agency e.g. Department for Work and Pensions.


When can I apply and when can I start using Our Pass?

You can apply for Our Pass from 1 July. You can start using the card from
1 September.


When will my Our Pass card expire?

Your pass will be valid until 31 August after your 18th birthday (or until your 18th birthday, if this is 31 August).


When will I receive my card?

We recommend that you apply by Friday 14 August to make sure that your pass arrives in time for use from 1 September.

Are there any times or days when I can’t use my Our Pass card?

No – you can use Our Pass seven days a week. There are no time restrictions for travelling by bus with Our Pass.


Do I need to have my Our Pass card with me to get free bus travel?

Yes, you must have a valid Our Pass with you when you travel. If you don’t have a valid Our Pass card, you will need to pay full adult fares and cannot claim a refund later.


How can I use Our Pass to travel in Greater Manchester?

Our Pass will be valid on all local bus services across Greater Manchester. This links provides a list of local, registered bus services

Our Pass will also allow you to buy off-peak one day and weekend travelcards for Metrolink at half adult prices – that means that young people can travel off-peak on the tram for as little as 90p.


What other benefits are available?

Our Pass will also provide direct access to a range of opportunities for 16-18 year olds in Greater Manchester. Throughout the summer, opportunities from music to sport, competitions and experience days will be announced.


Will all opportunities be fully accessible to cardholders with Special Educational Needs & Disability (SEND)?

We are working with many different opportunity providers in order to provide a wide range of experiences for young people in Greater Manchester. Our Pass is working with TripleC to ensure that disability and access needs are considered as part of the Our Pass pilot. TripleC is a collective of disabled and non-disabled creatives, focused on changing access to the arts for children/young people & adults with disabilities and working towards better representation of artists/performers with disabilities in the industry.