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Student Appeals Against ‘Teacher-Assessed Grades’

In summer 2021 many students will receive ‘teacher-assessed grades’ on either 10th August (level 3 courses) or 12th August (level 2 and below).  Courses with teacher-assessed grades will typically have had adjusted assessment arrangements due to the covid-19 pandemic.

If students disagree with their final grade, or believe that the process of deciding the final grade has disadvantaged them in any way, there is an appeals process available.  The appeal must be submitted to the College, where there will be an investigation into the possibility of administration errors (e.g. the incorrect grade was submitted) or procedural errors (e.g. access arrangements were not correctly implemented where necessary, or the correct quality assurance process was not applied).

Students at level 3 who need their grade to confirm a university place should submit a ‘priority appeal’.  Priority appeals must be submitted to the College by 16th August.  Non-priority appeals must be submitted by 3rd September.

After carrying out the required checks, the College will contact the student with the outcome and then forward the appeal to the awarding organisation (stage 2) if there is a need to check the grading outcome against the assessment evidence.  For priority cases the appeal must be forwarded by the College no later than 23rd August, or 17th September for non-priority.

Appeals should be submitted to the College using the form below.  It is essential to ensure all details in the form are accurate, especially the student number and course details, and also the reason for submitting the appeal.  Students should be aware that an appeal may result in a grade being lowered if it is found by the College or the awarding organisation that the original grade is erroneous.

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