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Student Ambassadors - Oldham College

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What are the Student Ambassadors?

Student Ambassadors are a diverse team of students who undertake voluntary work to support College activities, student recruitment, outreach and marketing events.

Ambassadors have helped with campus tours, talks/information: meet and greet/directions. Handing out flyers and other similar activities, i.e. Christmas lunch, Awards nights.

If you feel you could help out with college activities and would like to meet new students from different areas of the college then email:



I wanted to become an ambassador so I could be a role model to other students and I also wanted to make a change in the college communities I am a very confident individual and I am always wiling to try different things and new experience's My favourite thing about being an ambassador is that everyday I am helping to make college a better place and confutable for every individual student. Also I love learning new things I would like to goto University and study dance and eventually open my own dance studio for for all ages and abilities teaching a variety of styles

Emily Ward

I wanted to be able to help my fellow students and be able to voice any concerns, suggestions or complaints they may have. I also wanted to expand my knowledge and be part of a team that were passionate about helping people and representing their college. I like that we are able to arrange days where we can give back to the community, for example, the Christmas meal we held for the elderly. I also like that we are all equals and we all work together as a team to be as efficient as possible. My future aspiration is to become a qualified Midwife, this is something I have wanted to do for the past 5 years and I am grateful that I have the opportunity to do it now.

Hadiyah Inayat

I wanted to become a student ambassador as I believe this is the best opportunity for me to become involved in the college community. I wanted to improve my communication skills as well as gain confidence. Being a student ambassasador has allowed me to work on myself and gain skills like confidence, team work and leadership, I belevive these skills will benefit not only me not only in college but also in my day to day life, being able to interact with different people is interesting as it helps me to understand different cultures and traditions. After college I will look forward to progressing onto university to study psychology. My future aspirations are to become a clinical psychologist. I believe the student ambassador role have given me an insight into the types of roles performed by ambassadors at University and I look forward to caring on a similar role at University.

Kohinoor Shah

To actively participate at Open Days, information evenings, high school visits, campus tours and other events. This will allow me to develop my professional skills and enrich my own student journey at Oldham College. Also use my experiences with new students to continue to make Oldham College a nice, friendly place for them, make them feel welcomed and happy. I truly enjoy helping out and meeting new people because I love telling them what a great learning environment Oldham College really has and introducing them to new things. Encourage, motivate and inspire students to continue and complete their studies successfully. To pass my level 4 and then CIMA to be a successful chartered accountant

Louis Sangster

I wanted to give back to the college and I wanted to make a difference , I also like to help people. I like that we can help out in all other aspects of the college and we also get snazzy Jackets. My future operations are to become a solicitor in the music industry

Nasima Akthar

I think joining really helped me network and meet all kinds of people. This was one of the main reasons why I wanted to join; I’ve learnt a lot already from communicating. Also, I really wanted to speak to younger people, about all the different routes they can take and become successful. This is something I wish I had when I was still in school, so hopefully by sharing my experience, they’ll learn something new or be open to new ideas. Being involved in the College is one of the benefits of being a student ambassador. I get to learn about all types of things that takes place to keep the college running smoothly. I also like the fact that being a student ambassador, shows people that we are open to conversation, offering help and just being a caring support system. I’d like to go to university and get my degree in accounting and finance. To then become a chartered accountant for a top firm. Further along the line, I’d also like to open up my own family business

Shahla Sadeq

I wanted to become a student ambassador because I'm always smiling and with a positive energy which I want everyone to feel around me. and make others smile by smiling. I like being a student ambassador as I like to socialise with different people and hopefully I get to experience different stuff in life and have different skills. My future aspiration is to get into University and finishing accounting and finance degree.

Sharrie Admiora

I wanted to become a student ambassador because a s well as being a student, I am also a member of the additional learning support team. Advocating for students is part of my job role and I can advocate and provide support to my peers. I really like being a familiar face to both staff and students I enjoy being there to answer any questions, and provide advice and help to the students, visitors, friends and external agencies I have worked at the college for almost 7 years now and have met many colleagues that have become friends. I have always wanted to become a midwife so I mad the decision to follow my aspirations. I am doing the access to using, midwifery and allied professions and hope to start University in 2019/2020.

Soamia Khan

I became a student ambassador to be a good role model for other students, volunteering is a great way to help other people and will give me a good advantage when applying for University it will also look great on my C.V. My dream is to become a police woman, becoming a student ambassador and helping other students at the college will definitely help me achieve my goal.

Chourouk Dekkar

I became a student ambassador because I like to help people, I love working with other students and finding a solution to their problems, this is an important role for me and I have found is has helped me gain life skills and will help me with my future career. I would like to work in security at Manchester Airport, become part of a cabin crew team or go to university to study management, the organisational and people skills I have learnt by becoming a student ambassador will help me achieve my future ambition.

Hafsa Mohammad

Being an ambassador is fun and exciting, where you can have lots of new experiences and make new friends. You really get to know the people and students you are working with which has helped build my confidence, I love listening to people and helping them out with problems and issues. My future aspiration is to study at university and thanks to the college and being a student ambassador this has given me the confidence and skills I will need to help me get into higher education.

Fahima Begum Reshma

I have always been an outgoing person, I wanted to learn new skills and meet new people, becoming an ambassador has been the perfect opportunity to do this. I can also make suggestions for other students and make a real difference to the college. I would eventually like to study at University and own my own business so communication skills will be very import and and being a student ambassador and the skills I am learning will help me with my future aspiration.