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Student Participation

We want you to get involved with college life, make new friends whilst building on your personal development.

The Student Participation team is based in the Student Quarter and offer a wide range of enrichment activities, some of which are competitive and others are just for fun and to keep you fit. They are always looking for new and exciting activities to challenge and develop your skills and encourage you to get involved.

You can take part in any of the activities once you enrol onto a course at the college. Most activities are free and are held on a weekly basis on Wednesday afternoons, but we can be flexible and tailor  the activities to suit your timetable.

The activities help you to develop your interpersonal skills which will increase your confidence and chances of becoming employable and career ready.

You can join different societies and clubs and take part in a wide range of  Sports. All activities can be booked with our enrichment team in the Student Quarter.

Student Quarter Social space

The Student Quarter is your space to meet friends and relax during lunch time breaks. It窶冱 also home to the Student Union, who offer a range of special events and an enrichment programme. Alongside PCs, the Student Quarter has Wii and a variety of games, papers and books that all students can access and use.

Volunteering and fundraising

All students can take part in a number of volunteering and fundraising programmes, which will help you develop your confidence and new skills, offering many benefits when applying to university or for jobs. For more details please contact the Student Volunteering Officer at

Contemplation Space

This space is for students, staff and visitors of all faiths, non-faiths and traditions; for prayer, meditation or quiet reflection. To use the space please collect the key from the main reception. The room should remain locked when not in use. If someone is using the space please knock before entering and respect others using the space.

Events and Trips

We arrange events, performances and guest/motivational speakers for our students to help them to develop their knowledge. As well as this we organise lots of fun trips throughout the year, ranging from trips to London, theme parks, ice skating, Clothes Show Live and much more.

Short Courses

A range of short courses are on offer, such as first aid and sign language. Not only are these courses fun, but they also look great on your C.V or UCAS application


A wide range of sports activities are on offer. In recent years, the sports teams have been very successful. Join a variety of inter-college teams including basketball, dodge-ball, football, Futsal (5-a-side) softball and table tennis Try exciting activities: archery, climbing, skiing, swimming lessons, self-defence, Maui Thai boxing and Taekwondo

Basketball Team

The basketball team successfully won the Manchester 窶露 AM BASKETBAL窶 league and have finished fourth over the last two years.

Football Team

The football team have finished in the top four of the North West Central League in the last two years

Table Tennis

If you like table tennis or would just like to give it a try, we have regular tournaments on site.