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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I spend/utilise the levy fund?

It must be spent on apprenticeship training from the approved standards or framework lists below. It cannot be spent on anything else such as internal training or apprentice salaries.

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Can I use the fund for CPD training e.g. for an accountant wanting to update his/her tax?

No 窶 it can only be used for Government published apprenticeship standards and the training included within that.

What if my apprenticeship training costs exceeds the levy payments I have made?

The Government have outlined they will allow employers to draw down more funds from un-claimed levy that other employers have paid. At which point the Government will fund 90% of any further training costs with the employer paying the remaining 10%.

How much does apprenticeship training cost?

It varies and is dependent on the level and standard.

Can I use multiple training providers or only one?

Yes 窶 you can use different training providers. Our advice would be find one training provider that can manage your apprenticeship programmes including multiple suppliers.

How long do employers have to claim back their levy funds on apprenticeships training?

Our understanding is that the levy vouchers will be valid for two years. If you do not claim it back, other employers can access these funds to cover the training costs for more apprentices within their organisation.