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Getting Oldham Working

Oldham College working in partnership with Oldham Council to get local people into apprenticeships and work placements.

Oldham College is a key partner with Oldham Council. Both have worked successfully together to help local residents into work – the Get Oldham Working initiative.

The Council developed its flagship campaign in May 2013 to achieve 2,015 work placements by the end of 2015. Oldham College’s Job Shop was established in March 2015 and has worked with the council to help deliver the initiative’s targets.

The college’s role has been to assist in the advertising, selection and development of apprenticeship positions. It has worked intensively with a large number of businesses to do this. It has also designed development plans with each individual candidate to ensure their job and career plans are well matched to available apprenticeship opportunities. The Job Shop also works closely with full time college students to prepare them for seamless progression to work through apprenticeship opportunities.

The Job Shop has been responsible for over 10% of the apprenticeships or placements generated for the Get Oldham Working initiative - 279 individuals have been helped, since the Job Shops inception in March 2015.

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