Free Maths and English

Light up your life with FREE Maths and English

  • Light up your life with FREE Maths and English


If you are interested in a part time maths and English we conduct assessments and enrolment throughout the year. Dates will be confirmed May / June time for a Sept 2018.

Why choose these courses?
  • Enables you to gain a nationally recognised qualification.
  • Improves confidence and ability in a range of maths and English skills.
  • Builds your CV and improves job prospects.

What are the entry requirements?
  • Students must be aged 19 or over
  • There are no entry requirements, but all students will be given an assessment and interview prior to the course commencing.
  • For GCSE courses a place will be offered strictly by assessment of maths and English skills.*

How much will it cost?
  • The courses are free*

How long is the course?
  • Courses run from September to June for the GCSE’s
  • Functional Skills courses are flexible and based on learner progression
  • You will attend one 3 hour class per week, per subject.

How do I apply?
  • Complete the online enquiries form below and you will be invited to one of the assessment/enrolment sessions over the summer.
  • Enquire at reception or telephone 0161 785 4000, you will be placed onto the enquiries list and invited as above.
  • Look out on our Twitter or Facebook pages for details of assessment sessions for you to attend.

Attending a session
  • Applicants need to bring proof of ID and any previous maths and/or English qualifications that they have.

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