Preparing For Adulthood

This programme will be very practical and based in our specialist teaching rooms or in real life settings out in the local community.

Your curriculum will be ‘tailor made’ to meet your individual needs and interests and you will have the opportunity to access fully supported work experience within the College or a placement with one of our established providers in the community. 

Through the main College applications.

You will work in small groups with highly qualified and experienced tutors and Support Officers, dedicated to ensuring that your learning experience is fun, challenging and meaningful. You will receive support from your own Personal Tutor, who will closely monitor your progress to ensure that your learning journey stays on track. We have strong links with family and professionals who will be involved in all aspects of your development. Our highly-motivated work experience team will work with you to ensure your placement is suitably challenging and prepares you for the world of work.


Skills you will develop:

  • Communication skills
  • Personal and social development
  • Independence
  • Mathematics and English
  • Teamwork
  • Enterprise
  • Employability skills
  • Road safety/ travel training
  • ICT
  • Budgeting and money skills.
  • Community inclusion
  • British Sign Language.
  • Preparing for Work Programme
  • Volunteering & Community Projects.
Milestone 8, working towards Entry Level 1. Maths & English screening will take place prior to enrolment. 

Oldham College offers 1 year personalised Study Programmes for young people with Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND). Our entry level courses, Preparing for Adulthood and Preparing for Work, are both focused on the key outcomes around employment, independent living, community inclusion and wellbeing. 

Work experience is an integral part of the Curriculum and all learners will access this over the course of the year.


No careers listed, please visit the link below. National Careers Advice

Study Programme

All students at Oldham College will participate in a personalised study programme that will maximise your potential and enable you to progress onto employment, apprenticeships or higher education.

This means you will:

  • Study a core qualification in a vocational discipline and continue to develop your English and Maths skills through functional skills, GCSE resits and the option of Level 3 qualifications
  • Participate in meaningful work experience
  • Enjoy a range of enrichment opportunities e.g. basketball, archery, skiing and sign language
  • Take part in dedicated tutorial sessions to review your progress and development