GMCG Skills Competitions 2016

10:00AM - 04:00PM

Event Overview:

1. Teams

Level 3 1st year Art & Design students with 5 students per college.

2. Theme

‘Home’ Connecting to current homeless issues in Manchester, memory, protection, shelter, entrapment. Prior research is helpful and will give you an advantage but not necessary!

3. Brief

As an artist you will be required to pitch to Galleries and present applications for taking part in Exhibitions, projects and commissions. This competition allows you to develop skills in:-
  • Communication
  • Creative thinking
  • Presentation
  • Professional behavior
  • Working to a deadline.

4. The timescale and detail

You are given 3.5 hours to create a proposal for an exhibition and 5 minutes to present it as a team to the judges. You can use any media you wish that is available on the day to present your idea and proposal, small scale models, digital media, drawing, written work. All of which should combine to communicate your proposal with clarity. On the day you will be given a plan for an existing Gallery space.

You may also wish to consider wider aspects of the exhibition such as;
  • Your audience
  • Who you would involve for sponsorship
  • Workshop ideas – children, adults, community groups
  • Touring or international perspective
  • Links to current affairs or groups.

Your Gallery Curators will give you advice and guidance about their criteria for a successful Gallery proposal. This will form our selection criteria which will be communicated by the Judges on your arrival.

10.00 – Presentation & briefing
10.30 – Teams start work
12.00 - Working lunch buffet provided.
2.00 – Group presentations
3.45 - Winner announcement including Judges and Student award.

For further information, please contact