Construction Plumbing & Electrical Traineeship

free to 16-24 year olds

Trainees will learn sector specific skills for Electrical and Plumbing during vocational workshops and be coached to be work ready through developing professional and employability skills, Interview techniques, cv writing skills ,presentation skills,understanding employability rights and responsibilities and work towards FS L2 Maths and English if required. Work skills will then be put in to practice during  the min of 100 hours work placement with an employer.

Level 2 – 4 x GCSE grade D or level 3 (including English and Maths)

Explanation of entry requirements

Online via website, in person or by phone at Oldham College via Job shop or student quarter.

No formal assessments

L2 Apprenticeship in Plumbing or Electrical and Level 3 and Higher apprenticeships

Committed to a min of 100 hours work experience must not have a L3 or above qualification

The Construction Building services Traineeship covering Plumbing & Electrical is a short intense work preparation programme that is a fast track to apprenticeships for the work ready candidates that need just a little extra skills development to secure an apprenticship.This traineeship will run for 14 weeks and prepare learners for the transition into apprenticeship jobs. Learners will do a mixture of college and work placement during the 14 week period and be placed with an employer who will be considering them for an apprenticeship on completion of the placement. Attendance, punctuality and commitment to the work placement is key to securing an apprenticeship at the end of the traineeship.

Not Applicable

min of 100 hours work experience

L2 Plumbing or Electrical FT course


Learners should expect to progress onto a L2 Apprenticeship in Electrical and Plumbing

National Careers Advice

Study Programme

All students at Oldham College will participate in a personalised study programme that will maximise your potential and enable you to progress onto employment, apprenticeships or higher education.

This means you will:

  • Study a core qualification in a vocational discipline and continue to develop your English and Maths skills through functional skills, GCSE resits and the option of Level 3 qualifications
  • Participate in meaningful work experience
  • Enjoy a range of enrichment opportunities e.g. basketball, archery, skiing and sign language
  • Take part in dedicated tutorial sessions to review your progress and development