Work Experience / Industry Placements - Oldham College

Our Industry Placement Students have been training to develop basic skills relevant to your business and are looking forward to joining you.

In preparation for the introduction of the new T Levels, Oldham College are launching Industry placements for 16-19 year old Level 2 and Level 3 students. These placements offer students the unique opportunity to put their learning into practice and respond to the employer needs of your business .

Immediate benefits

  • Extra resources for your projects and day to day operations, from students gaining knowledge and skills in a course relevant to your business and industry
  • To fill existing gaps while recruiting for apprentices
  • Upskill existing workforce and boost morale by creating opportunities to develop management skills
  • Improve recruitment cost effectiveness by recruiting from an untapped skills pool
  • CSR impact: share with stakeholders how your business has supported local young people into work placements
  • Inspire the next generation to work in your industry
  • Resolve current and future entry level skills shortage
  • Strengthen your recruiting pipeline and increase diversity

What do I need to do?

  • Provide a minimum 45 day industry placement for a student on a course relevant to your business
  • The structure will be based on the needs of the local provider and can consist of block and day release throughout the year
  • Ensure there is a safe work environment and opportunities for the student to develop their technical skills within your industry
  • Provide a line manager to support, supervise and mentor the student

Are you ready?

If you’re ready to take on an industry placement student or require more information please get in contact with us…

Call: 0161 785 4000 or 0161 785 4310