Hairdressing NVQ Level 3

Hannah Owen

What’s really helped me is the College and Katie who have both encouraged me to pursue my ambitions
Hannah Owen
Pictured above: Hannah Owen
Hannah’s school advised her to study for AS Levels as they thought it would provide her with more career choices. However Hannah didn’t enjoy being stuck in the classroom so after finishing these she left sixth form to pursue hairdressing which she’d always wanted to do. Unfortunately she didn’t enjoy her first salon experience so returned to sixth form to complete her studies. Once she finished her ‘A’ levels she found Oldham College very helpful in enabling her to complete her hairdressing apprentice training at Salon 7, the College’s own hair and beauty salon in Oldham town centre. Afterwards, when she discovered that her hairdresser, Katie Leak was setting up her own business she approached her about an apprenticeship. Hannah is now on her Hairdressing NVQ Level 3 which is going really well.

Hannah said: “The tutors at College are very inspiring and really helped to broaden my horizons in terms of the types of careers that are out there. I’d thought hairdressing meant only working in a salon but my tutors at College shared their experiences of working at various events and even on film sets which I hadn’t realised was possible. Katie has also helped me to develop this interest by involving me in events such as fashion photo-shoots.” These experiences inspired Hannah to expand her skills so in September she is going to university for a degree in ‘Media Makeup with Special Effects’.

Hannah said: “I know I’ve gone a bit of a long way round with my career but my advice for apprentices is to keep going and follow your dream. Sometimes it can be hard going especially when you’re not paid very much but it’s all worth it in the end. What’s really helped me is the College and Katie who have both encouraged me to pursue my ambitions. Although my passion is still hair I’m keen to also learn more about Make Up too. That way I can pursue my dream of a career where I’m working in hair and beauty for events, fashion shows and photo shoots.”


  • Former Pupil of:
  • Course: Hairdressing NVQ Level 3
  • Future: Working in hair and beauty for events

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