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Helen Williams

Taking on an apprentice helps us to train a young person to become one of the team.
Helen Williams
Pictured above: Helen Williams
Stepping Stones Nursery manager Helen Williams completed her training at Oldham College, as have many of her employees over the 24 years that she has worked at the nursery.

Helen said: “Taking on an apprentice helps us to train a young person to become one of the team. It means that we can show them how we prefer our staff to work rather than have someone come straight from college who only learnt what to do on paper. I think it’s better for our staff to have hands on experience so they know the job straight away.

It’s really good dealing with Oldham College as they are always very helpful and visit regularly to check on the students. Stepping Stones is a small but busy nursery so it’s important that our staff can get stuck in straight away. Apprentices benefit from experience of all aspects of childcare. This ranges from preparing the childrens’ snacks to setting up and delivering fun activities with them. Our apprentices also make observations on the children’s progression which contributes to their learning journey, assessing where they are developing their skills for life. So our apprentices take on an important role straight away. The apprenticeship scheme works for both sides as the apprentice gains lots of practical experience whilst studying for qualifications whilst we benefit from hands on help in the way that that works for us.”


  • Name: Helen Williams
  • Company: Stepping Stones Nursery

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