Choosing a Vocational Course

6 things to look out for in choosing a vocational course

You will see lots of vocational courses on offer, although the new Technical and Professional Pathways are likely to be delivered by specialist colleges, not just anyone. Just remember, post-16 education is not like school. Everyone is selling you a course. If don’t pay us directly, the Government does. Don’t assume that everyone is offering the same thing – test out whether it really is going to be the route for you.

Here are some tips as to what you should ask about, if you are considering a vocational route:

  1. Do you have specialist facilities?
  2. Are your teachers and tutors experienced in the industry they are teaching about? Have they worked in it? Have they updated their skills recently?
  3. Who are your employer partners? What do they contribute to the course?
  4. Does your curriculum allow me to move up through different levels, however high I want to get?
  5. Do you have apprenticeship and classroom routes?
  6. Tell us about success stories from your college? Tell us about successful students and what they have done.

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