Strategic Priorites

We continually aim to provide an outstanding vocational educational experience to ensure that all of our learners reach their full potential.

In order to achieve this, we have worked hard in setting and agreeing our priorities for 2015-16. Our six strategic priorities enable us to put our learners and community at the heart of everything we do:

  • Provide an outstanding vocational educational experience to ensure all learners reach their potential so they are equipped for progression
  • Engage with employers and industry bodies to develop an offer and a curriculum that is aligned to the labour market and employer needs and enables learners to progress
  • Work strategically with key partners in Oldham and Greater Manchester around skills delivery, planning and development, to improve outcomes for the public
  • Be inclusive and engage with all of Oldham’s communities to improve participation and skills levels in the area
  • Be enterprising and innovative in the way we work and develop new models of education
  • Lead and manage the College effectively to ensure high quality and performance, financial health and the opportunity for further investment